Essential launches Halo Gray PH-1 with Alexa in-tow for $450


Yesterday, Essential surprised everyone and announced three new color options that would be making their way into the online storefront, including the gorgeous Ocean Depths option. Today, Essential has another surprise for everyone, as the company announced a new Halo Gray color option for the Essential Phone that would be exclusively available on Amazon.

Spec-wise, this new variant is exactly the same as the rest, but there’s a little hidden nugget that may make this appealing to those Amazon Alexa lovers out there. The Halo Gray PH-1 is the first Essential device that will ship with Amazon Alexa built-in. We have seen other devices feature this functionality, but there were no rumors or rumbles of such a device from Essential.

While the new color options launching via Essential are priced at $599, this new Halo Gray variant is seeing a bit of a discount. The launch price of this device is $449, which is a $50 savings off of the regular PH-1 that is already available on Amazon.

Additionally, Essential is offering a package which includes the Halo Gray PH-1, the Essential 360 Camera, and a “Pill Case” for the camera for just $499. Considering that the 360 Camera is already $99 by itself (at the time of this writing), you’ll be saving a few bucks if you opt for the bundle.

The Halo Gray Essential Phone will be released on February 21st, so you’ll have to wait until next week before it will arrive on your doorstep. But, if you want to snag one for yourself, you can do so by hitting the button below. Be sure to let us know whether you decide to pick one up, or if you’re still holding out for the Galaxy S9 or another device.

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