Project Fi brings a new unlimited data plan into the mix with ‘Bill Protection’


Finding the perfect cell phone plan is a pretty frustrating experience for most, but Project Fi is now doing its part to help make life a bit easier. The Google-owned MVNO has announced its ‘Bill Protection’ plan for up to 6 lines of service.

As you can tell from the chart above, pricing for these new plans start at $80 per month for a single line, while going up to $275 for up to 6 lines of service. However, the best part of Project Fi’s Bill Protection is the amount of included data for each.

With the Individual plan, you will pay $20 for phone calls and text messages, and then $10 per GB up to 6GB for a total of $80. However, once you reach 6GB, you won’t be forced to pay anything extra, unless you reach 15GB of total data used during your billing period.

Previously, you were just stuck paying $10 per GB regardless of how much data used per month, which could end up being a rather pricey bill at the end of the month. With this Bill Protection plan, you’ll essentially be getting 9GB of free data before your speeds are reduced to 256 kbps until the next billing cycle begins. If you want to get back to LTE speeds after 15GB, you’ll have to contact Project Fi, and you’ll be forced to spend $10 per GB again until the end of the cycle.

Finally, this plan is available now, and you can head over to the Project Fi page here and get everything figured out for yourself. Let us know if this is enough to make you switch over to Project Fi, or if you are content with your current carrier services.


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