Google is already referring to the next version of Android as ‘Android Pi’


It’s always fun trying to guess the name for the next version of Android. Google’s had fun with it in previous years, teasing the dessert name in a series of videos leading up to an official announcement. It’s even become a sort of tradition among the Android blogosphere to try to figure it out ahead of time.

With this year’s Android version — which will likely arrive as Android 9.0 — we only know that the official dessert name will start with the letter “P.” While that keeps things open for a wide variety of desserts (parfait, pumpkin, pistachio, peanut, pecan) it seems Google has already chosen an internal code name for the next major firmware update.

Discovered in a few recent code commits, Google can be found making references to the next version now known internally as Android Pi. While that could be shorthand for something “pie,” these codenames aren’t typically related to the official dessert name (Key Lime Pie for instance turned out to be KitKat). It does, however, open things up to a variety of different pies (pumpkin or pecan for instance), but that’s a little too lazy and obvious.

We’re not sure what Google could be planning for Android P, but if they’re going to pick an actual product, my money’s on Pop-Tart.

AOSP 1, 2 | via Twitter

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