Instagram tests ‘Recommended for you’ section headed for your main feed


Instagram has begun testing a new “Recommend for You” section that could drastically change the appearance of your main feed. It’s rolling out to a small group of users and the new section will show posts friends have recently liked, or just random posts Instagram thinks you may be interested in based on their own algorithm.

It’s not too different from how Facebook handles their news feed, occasionally showing you posts that are going viral or something a friend has liked. The new RFY section just barely comes after Instagram announced the ability for users to follow hashtags in their feed and marks yet another way Instagram is trying ensure plenty of content is getting pumped through users’ feeds.

Of course, there are those that likely wont like those changes as it interferes with what they’ve already grown accustomed to (Instagram recently switched from a timeline feed, to a algorithmic one) but these new changes will help newcomers who don’t know which accounts to follow.

via The Verge

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