Users of the BLU Life One X2 have been inexplicably locked out of their phones


When you think of super-budget smartphones, one of the first companies that may come to mind is BLU. This Miami-based company has made life easy for those who aren’t looking to drop a boatload of cash on smartphones but has been affected by quite a few issues over the last year.

Back in August, Amazon removed the BLU R1 HD from its Prime Exclusive lineup over concerns that the device was sending personal information to China. This was resolved, and the device was again offered through Amazon. Now, we’re seeing reports of users being locked out of the BLU Life One X2 after a random software update was released.

After the update was released and downloaded by users, the complaints starting ramping up that a new passcode had been created on the phone, essentially locking users out. Some users are even claiming that the type of passcode has been changed, i.e. moving from a 4-digit pin code to an alphanumeric option.

While BLU has recognized the issue, the company has not issued any type of fix as of yet. This means that the only way that you’ll be able to get back into your Life One X2 is by performing a factory reset. Issues like this are absolutely not acceptable, and BLU cannot continue to take these kinds of hits if it plans to continue being a viable budget option.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this situation to see how it is resolved, but things definitely aren’t looking too good for BLU at this time. Let us know if you’ve had issues with your device, and what you had to do to get things back to normal.


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