How many of you use both Android and iOS? [POLL]


In today’s world, there’s still a lot of controversy between Android and iOS users, thanks to a seemingly never-ending war in the mobile space. Although Android has overtaken Apple in many facets, there’s just something about Apple that continues to drive owners to iOS in droves.

I, for one, am one of those folks who actually use both platforms for a myriad of reasons. The first reason is the obvious one – family. The rest of my family is entrenched in iOS and has been for years, so it makes sense for me to have access to an iPhone for the purposes of iMessage.

The next reason is more controversial, but it’s due to the applications that are found on the Apple App Store. With apps such as Fantastical, Drafts, and more, the apps on iOS are suited more to my tastes. That’s not to say that apps on the Play Store aren’t “worthy” because more apps are being released which fall in line with what I look for in apps, and are becoming more and more impressive.

But the biggest reason that I use both platforms is due to the versatility offered in doing so. There are some things that Apple and iOS are great at, while Google fills in the gaps with the tasks that I need to perform that iOS is a pain to deal with. So this leads us to a question for you.

What do you use?

We know that this is an Android blog, but I know plenty of Android-faithful users who take advantage of both iOS and Android and carry multiple devices with them on a daily basis. So let us know what platform you use, if you use both, and some of the reasons why you lean a certain way in this regard.

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