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Chrome OS may not be the most popular nowadays, and Google’s latest Chromebook does not help matters very much. The Google Pixelbook will be launching shortly, and we’re here to help you decide where you should purchase one from, if you decide to do so.

Pricing for the Pixelbook is the same across the board, as it starts at $999 for the base model, which will get you a 12.3-inch LCD display, Intel’s 7th Gen Core i5 processor, and 8GB of RAM. However, there are also configurations which include 256GB of storage for an extra $200, or the mac-daddy Pixelbook which features the Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB NVMe SSD.

Nonetheless, here are the different places that you can order a Pixelbook for yourself:


You didn’t think Amazon would be carrying the Pixelbook, did you? Well, that would be a terrible assumption to be made, as Amazon is also offering the Pixelbook for the same pricing as is being offered by Google – $999 and $1199. However, you can buy the Pixelbook and Pixelbook Pen bundle and get everything shipped at once.

Speaking of shipping, it seems that Amazon isn’t having as tough of a time with stock for the Pixelbook, as both the 128GB and 256GB variants are both expected to ship on October 31st, when the Pixelbook is set to launch. So hit the button below to snag one from Amazon and get that Prime shipping.

Buy the Pixelbook from Amazon

Google Store

The most logical conclusion for purchasing a Google product is from Google directly. The company is currently offering the 128GB and 256GB variants of the Pixelbook for $999 and $1199, while the high-end model is “coming soon”. Google also includes the ability to purchase “Preferred Care” coverage for the Pixelbook in case of accidental drops or damage, while also making it possible to get the Pixelbook Pen with your shipment for an extra $99.

Currently, shipping times vary, as the 256GB model is shipping on October 29th, but the entry-level model with 128GB of storage is shipping on November 5th. So if you want to go through Google directly for the Pixelbook, hit the button below.

Buy the Pixelbook from Google

Best Buy


Best Buy is known for showcasing many of Google’s products in its locations, and the Pixelbook will be the latest addition to the lineup. Again, pricing is the same for the Pixelbook lineup, and you can pre-order yours today for either $999 or $1,199. Unfortunately, there are no deals readily available, so you won’t get a gift card or anything extra when ordering through Best Buy. Additionally, you can pre-order the Pixelbook Pen for $99, and set it to be picked up in store on launch day.

As for shipping, the entry-level Pixelbook is set to begin shipping “by Fri, Nov 3”, while the 256GB model is set to begin shipping by “Mon, Nov 6”. These dates may depend on your location, and you can also get faster shipping during the checkout process.

Buy the Pixelbook from Best Buy

Will you buy one?

While many reviews have already hit the interwebz, we’re still hard at work with ours to make sure we bring you the best information possible, so stay tuned to Phandroid for more Pixelbook content! In the meantime, let us know whether you’ll be picking one up for yourself.

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