Samsung is working on a dual wireless charging pad


Samsung and Apple are two of the biggest smartphone makers in the world. They tend to take a lot of ideas from each other. Apple finally adopted wireless charging, which Samsung has been doing for years. Apple also showed off a charging pad that can charge multiple devices at once. Samsung is working on the same thing now.

The dual charging pad has been approved by the US Patent office. The diagram shows a much larger puck that can hold two phones or a phone and a smartwatch. The pad houses two charging coils that support inductive and resonate charging. Any Qi-compatible device will charge on this pad.

Samsung approves a ton of patents that never see the light of day, but this one seems like an obvious no-brainer. Apple has a dual charging pad and Samsung will want one of their own. We are about to enter a golden era in wireless charging.

[via patentlymobile]

Joe Fedewa
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