Some Pixel 2 units are making strange noises


Google got so many things right with the Pixel 2. It’s one of the best smartphones available right now. But there is a growing list of complaints about its hardware that fans cannot ignore. The latest? Strange noises that include clicking and a high-pitched whine.

According to users on the Google Product Forums, some Pixel 2 devices aren’t as quiet as they should be. One user reports “high pitch frequency sound and clicking when the screen is on and unlocked,” which remains after a reboot and a factory reset.

I purchased two Pixel 2 phones both have the high-frequency noise but only one has the clicking,” adds Roy M. “I have the clicking problem also,” writes David. “Whenever the phone is unlocked, I can hear a constant ticking (like the second hand of a watch) if the phone is against my ear.”

The issue appears to be most common on the smaller Pixel 2, but some users have reported similar issues with the Pixel 2 XL. One forum thread about the problem now has over 156 posts and 1,907 views. Fortunately, there is a way to stop one of the noises.

It seems the clicking sound is related to NFC, and users say that turning off this feature makes it go away completely. Sadly, there is no fix for the high-pitched whine. It’s important to remember that electronic devices can make noises like this, though they shouldn’t be too noticeable.

Google Support has told one Pixel 2 owner that the company is releasing a fix for both issues “this upcoming week.” We’ll have to wait and see whether software can solve the problem. Another Support staffer has told forum posters to contact Google to discuss replacement options.

Have you experienced either of these issues with your Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL?

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