Oct 17th, 2017

Hot on the heels of some Galaxy S8 owners reporting they’re not receiving SMS messages, it seems as though first-gen Pixel and Pixel XL owners are experiencing the same problem. Reports on the official Google Product Forums highlight the issue as something multiple people are experiencing with just Verizon, while the issue with Galaxy S8 devices seemed to be carrier agnostic.

Here’s the original complaint:

Have a relatively new Google Pixel XL on Verizon running Android 8.0 (recently updated). Absurd issue: About the time I upgraded to 8.0 (may not be related), on either Google Message or Verizon Message+, I can SEND texts, but I cannot RECEIVE texts on the phone.

Subsequent reports on the page report the same problems. A Google Community Manager suggested factory resetting the phone, which some people report having done only to have the problem resurface within a week or two. At this point, it’s unclear what is causing the problem, but both Google and Verizon are investigating the issue.

I can confirm that this issue is being investigated on both ends by Verizon and Google. Hopefully, we’ll see this resolved soon.

Do you have a first-gen Pixel device on Verizon? Let us know if you’ve experienced any trouble with receiving text messages since most people with this problem report being able to send them to others just fine.


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