The Best Rugged and Durable Android Phones September 2017


Many folks need to sacrifice a phone with good looks for a phone that won’t make you cringe each time you drop it. If you’re looking for the best rugged Android phones that can take serious beatings we’ve got you covered.

Some of the phones can be dunked in water, slammed onto concrete, and may even survive a trip to the sun. OK, maybe not that last one, but they’re tough all the same. Let’s jump into our list of the very best durable and rugged Android phones you can buy!

Note: Durability ratings are listed for each device. Be sure to check out our clear explanation of what each IP rating means.

For an explanation on the military-used MIL-STD-810 standard, head here.

01. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active may not be the most durable phone on this list, but it certainly is the most well-rounded of the lot. This phone’s tough exterior can withstand more than a punch or 2. At the same time, you don’t have to sacrifice powerful specs, a beautiful display, and a great camera.

Durability Ratings:

  • IP68
  • MIL-STD 810

02. Kyocera Duraforce Pro


Kyocera’s latest rugged smartphone comes in with a very impressive suite of features. Alongside its tankiness thanks to a MIL-STD 810 and IP68 specification, the device includes awesome new features like dual-rear camera and a mounting system to be able to attach the phone to a helmet or bike to record activities. It also has dual-front speakers and a fingerprint sensor, 2 uncommon marks for phones in this class.

Durability Ratings:

  • IP68
  • MILD-STD 810

03. Kyocera Duraforce XD

kyocera duraforce xd

With a nice 5.7-inch display, the Kyocera Duraforce XD gives you the nice spacious room that most other rugged phones would rather use for a bulky chassis. That big display also makes room for a big battery at 3,700mAh. It gets bonus points for being one of the only phones you an use inside a gas chamber thanks to its OSHA certification.

Durability Ratings:

  • IP68
  • MILD-STD 810
  • OSHA certified

03. Motorola Moto Z Force

Moto Z Force Side View

Motorola debuted their 2016 option that includes ShatterShield technology: the Moto Z Force. The device has all the makings of a flagship, including an insane 21-megapixel camera, Snapdragon 820 chipset, and more. It doesn’t proclaim to be an ultra-rugged smartphone, but its shatterproof display earns it a comfortable spot on this list.

Durability Ratings:


Read our Moto Z Force Review!

04. Sonim XP7

sonim xp7

Sonim decided to go for an unbreakable rock of a phone with the XP7. It’s ultra-rugged exterior lets it withstand impacts from drops made as high as 6.5m high, it can be used in extremely hot or cold weather climates, can withstand high-pressure streams of water, and also carries with it the highest IP rating you can give a phone. Add in LTE connectivity, an 8MP camera, and an affordable price tag and this is one of the best phones for serious outdoor activity.

Durability Ratings:

  • IP69K

05. CAT S40

cat s40

Caterpillar created a rock solid phone in the CAT S40. The device can withstand fierce impact against tough surfaces, and does so while running a pretty good Android Lollipop experience. Its spec sheet is highlighted by an 8-megapixel camera, 3,000mAh battery, and support for LTE speeds up to 150 megabits per second.

Durability Ratings:

  • IP68
  • MIL-STD 810

06. Motorola DROID Turbo 2

motorola droid turbo 2 vzw teaser

Motorola’s DROID Turbo 2 may not have the looks to show it, but this is one tough phone. The device features the world’s first “virtually shatterproof” display. Those claims were put to the test many times, and sure enough Motorola seems to have made a phone with a display that refuses to crack. You’ll suffer some external wounds in the case of accidents, though, so be extra careful with it regardless.

Durability Ratings:


07. VeryKool Rock RX2


The VeryKool Rock RX2 has a very appropriate name — it simply looks very cool. This device offers up water, dust, and shock resistant chassis, as well as a tempered glass display. You can drop it off a moderate-sized building and it wouldn’t even make you whimper. It gets bonus points for a display you can use with gloves on.

Durability Ratings:

  • IP68

Other Great Options

These phones weren’t quite strong enough to make it onto our list, but they’re worth checking out to see if something more your style is waiting to be discovered.

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