You can now buy the Amazon Echo at Whole Foods


Whole Foods may be a grocery store, but if Amazon is going to spend billions of dollars to own it then they very well can sell electronics there, dammit. The company wasted no time doing so, with free-standing booths for the Amazon Echo appearing in some stores the very day the deal closed.

Amazon is offering the unit in both white and black at select locations, and also has the Echo Dot variant on tap. Prices are currently $99 and $44 respectively, matching recent online discounts.

We’re not sure how many more units this will help Amazon move, but prominent placement in one of the biggest grocery chains in the world is no small move. We imagine Amazon could be making sure their customers are ready for some incoming enhancements to the Whole Foods shopping process, one which could include online shopping. The Echo could be great for adding items to your shopping list without having to sit at a computer. That’s thinking a bit too far ahead, though, as Amazon hasn’t confirmed such technological marvels are coming.

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