Here’s how you can catch your first legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO this weekend


Oh yeah: it’s happening, folks. Legendary Pokemon are finally ready to be caught in Pokemon GO, and you’ll be able to get your first shot this weekend.

It all begins this Saturday, July 22nd at the Pokemon GO Festival. The festival takes place in Grant Park, Chicago where attendees will band together to catch as many Pokemon as they can. If they catch enough, they’ll unlock the ability to participate in the epic raid battle to take down the legendary, though we don’t exactly know which one it’ll be just yet.

Can’t make it to Chicago? Fret not: once those folks do the deed at Grant Park, you and your friends can participate in epic raid battles on July 23rd at your local gyms to catch one of your own. It sounds like you’re going to have to find some really dedicated people to pull it off, though, so be sure to start calling around town to see who’ll be putting their trainer caps on and where they’ll be.

[via Pokemon]

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