Jul 10th, 2017

No one has been in the Android game longer than HTC, but that hasn’t translated to dominating success. Save for a few scattered months, HTC has reported losses for a couple of years. According to HTC, this past June was another one of those good months, thanks to the HTC U11.

HTC reports that revenue in June was up 52% compared to this time last year. They also saw an 8% year-over-year increase. This is the highest revenue has been in six months. The U11 is playing a huge part in this success. The president of the smartphone division said the U11 outsold previous phones in less than a month.

This is very good news if you’re a fan of Android and HTC. This could be a huge year for the Taiwanese manufacturer. They’re rumored to be making the Pixel 2 this year as well, which would be another nice boost. Is HTC back on the rise?

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