The Pixel 2 may have been referenced in the HTC U11 system files


The Pixel and Pixel XL were not manufactured by Google themselves. HTC made the hardware for Google, but HTC also has a shiny new phone of their own. A Japanese website discovered what could be references to the Pixel 2 in the HTC U11 system files.

A couple of months ago, we wrote about a report that claimed Google and HTC made a deal for 2 years of Pixel devices. We’ve assumed for a while that HTC would be making the Pixel 2. Now we have even more information to back that up. The system files mention “S2″ and ‘M2.” That may seem pretty random, but the Pixel and Pixel Xl were known as S1 and M2.

This info does contradict some recent intel. Rumor has it that HTC was working on two devices and LG was working on a third. One of the HTC devices is said to have been canceled. It’s possible that the references are for old devices. Moral of the story: HTC is making at least one Pixel phone, we’re not sure about the second (or third?).

[via xda]

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