Official: These are the 56 new emoji coming soon to your Android device


A mockup of some of the new Emoji 5.0 based on Apple’s design

It was late last year we got our first look at a brand new set of emoji coming soon to our mobile devices. As part of Unicode 10.0, the Unicode Consortium was considering 51 new emoji, everything from breast feeding, vampires, (not breast feeding vampires) zombies, even mother freaking dinosaurs. Nothing was final, but things got a little more serious in March of this year when the list was further refined. During this beta period, Google decided to get a head start, adding many of the emoji in the Android O developer preview.

Today, the list has officially been finalized and we now have the full list of emoji that will be included in the big Emoji 5.0 (Unicode 10.0) update. Here’s the full list of the 56 new emoji courtesy of Emojipedia:

? Star-Struck
? Face With Raised Eyebrow
? Exploding Head
? Crazy Face
? Face With Symbols Over Mouth
? Face Vomiting
? Shushing Face
? Face With Hand Over Mouth
? Face With Monocle
? Child
? Adult
? Older Adult
? Woman With Headscarf
? Bearded Person
? Breast-Feeding
? Mage
? Fairy
? Vampire
? Merperson
? Elf
? Genie
? Zombie
? Person in Steamy Room
? Person Climbing
? Person in Lotus Position
? Love-You Gesture
? Palms Up Together
? Brain
? Orange Heart
? Scarf
? Gloves
? Coat
? Socks
? Billed Cap
? Zebra
? Giraffe
? Hedgehog
? Sauropod
? T-Rex
? Cricket
? Coconut
? Broccoli
? Pretzel
? Cut of Meat
? Sandwich
? Bowl With Spoon
? Canned Food
? Dumpling
? Fortune Cookie
? Takeout Box
? Pie
? Cup With Straw
? Chopsticks
? Flying Saucer
? Sled
? Curling Stone

If you’re reading the list with anything other than a device running Android O, you may see a blank box followed by the text description. I’ve gone ahead and included screenshots from my Google Pixel running Android O as a preview of what to expect. (It also looks like Chrome already supports the new emoji, so they should be showing fine on there as well).

At this point it’s now up to individual hardware manufacturers to update their devices to Unicode 10.0 to gain access to Emoji 5.0. Of course, there’s no telling how long this will take as Android O still isn’t due to release until later this year.

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