Niantic just gave a big middle finger to Pokémon GO cheaters by rendering illegally caught Pokémon useless


Earlier this week, Niantic announced big changes headed to Pokemon GO’s gym system. In addition to a completely overhauled gameplay, Niantic introduced a new Raid Battle mechanic, a feature that allows you to team up with up to 20 others and take down powerful “Raid Bosses.” Of course, new gym gameplay will only go so far.

By far Pokemon GO’s biggest problem when it came to gyms were cheaters who would place their illegally caught Pokemon inside gyms, ruining the game for those who played by the rules and invested their hard earned money into the game. Well, it seems Niantic has finally got their sh*t together, and have a plan that may save the game once and for all.

According to Niantic, any and all Pokemon caught using 3rd party services (or spoofing) will be crossed out in their Poke Bag, rendering them completely useless when it comes to gyms. So those 13 max’d out Dragonites you caught while spoofing? Just get rid of them because you can’t use them for a damn thing. Niantic also says they may not “behave as expected,” and while we’re not exactly sure what that means, we have seen reports that these Pokemon can’t even be evolved past whatever their current state is. Them’s the breaks.

Have to admit. As someone who’s dedicated a large portion of their time hunting Pokemon the old fashioned way, it feels pretty good to see Niantic taking even more steps to ensure everyone is playing — and more importantly, enjoying — the game they way it was meant to. Bra-freaking-vo.

via Niantic Support

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