2017’s emojis are still being refined, and yes, there’s still a breastfeeding emoji


Late last year, we got our first preview of the emojis being added as part of Unicode 10.0, set for launch at some point this year. While the list still hasn’t been finalized, it’s been refined and even gains some new suggestions for the Unicode Consortium to vote on.

Things seem about the same as they were before, though with some odd additions here and there. It seems a black heart is joining the orange heart previously proposed, so yay Halloween lovers? We also have pride flags, pirate flags, boxing gloves, and bacon (yes!). Oh, and a breastfeeding emoji is still on there, because why the hell not?

There are a ton of them to check out so be sure to preview Emojipedia’s full list here. Remember that these aren’t necessarily the final default designs, and also note that your specific smartphone maker might end up using their own version of these. Still, they should all convey the same objects or thoughts just as well as the next one so expect something similar to hit your phone later this year.

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