System UI Tuner gets its legs cut off in the latest Android O developer preview


While Android is already the most customizable mobile OS available for users, there are even more secretive features baked in that you may not have known about. One such feature is System UI Tuner, which when enabled, unlocks the ability to tweak things like the status bar, do not disturb options, and notification controls.

Image courtesy of Android Police

With the 2nd Android O dev preview, new options were added to the System UI Tuner such as new options for adding buttons to the navigation bar, picture-in-picture options, and lock screen options. However, it seems that with the latest Android O developer preview, Google has decided to remove the fun for us.

With Android O DP3, all three new options have been removed, leaving behind on Status Bar and Do Not Disturb tabs. Additionally, according to Scott from Android Police, if you adjusted any of these options in Android O DP2, those will be reverted back to “normal” with the latest update.

This might just be something with Google working on the back end of things and don’t want people running into issues and grabbing their pitchforks. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the return of these options in Android O DP4.

Let us know if you’ve seen these same changes and if you’ve noticed anything else new in the latest developer preview.

[Android Police]


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