You can now block calls and messages on Amazon Echo


Amazon Echo’s calling and messaging feature is nice, but for those who want a little bit of control over who can contact them, it wasn’t always sweet. If they knew your contact details, they could call you.

Of course, this phenomenon was true before the days where these newfangled smartphones got some useful call blocking functionalities, but it’s 2017, so raking Amazon over the coals for the oversight is a bit harsh.

No matter, now: calls and messages on the Amazon Echo can now be blocked. You can manage it in your Alexa app. Simply go to the contacts list and find the contact you don’t want blowing your Echo up.

The functionality doesn’t appear to be live on the Android version just yet, but with the iOS app’s recent update adding that support it shouldn’t be long before the rest of us are given access.

[via The Verge]

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