South Park is coming to “destroy” your phone later this year


If you aren’t the biggest gamer, then you may not have known that the yearly E3 gaming conference is currently taking place. Usually, we don’t see much when it comes to mobile games, but Ubisoft decided to change things up a bit by announcing South Park: Phone Destroyer.

This new mobile game will be launching later this year and is another card collection game, where you want to strategize to create the best team. From there, there will be PvP battles for you to hone your skills and continue to improve your squad and move up the ranks.

However, there is some great news when it comes to this upcoming South Park game – there is no paywall. This means that despite Ubisoft including in-app purchases, you won’t be forced to spend your hard-earned cash to take advantage of all that the game has to offer. Of course, you’ll have to put in more time if you are working towards a specific card or perk, but we’ll take that over missing out on things just because you don’t want to spend money.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited to see this arrive onto the Play Store and iOS App Store later this year.


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