Android Marshmallow’s system UI tuner lets you rearrange or delete quick settings in the notification area


Android M System UI tuner quick settings

With the Android M Developer Preview readily available for the flashing, more details about the update are being uncovered every minute. Our friend Hernan Castanon uploaded a quick video showing off Android M’s new system UI tuner located in the settings app.

The setting allows users to rearrange or delete those quick toggles found in the notification area. Once again, it’s a feature many have been asking for since quick settings became a thing, but there’s no way to tell if this will stick around for M’s official release later this year. Either way, it’s pretty sweet.


Chris Chavez
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  1. It seems like with android m they were really listening to what features people were asking for! So excited to flash the Dev on my Nexus 6 when I get home from work!

  2. Can’t wait to flash it! Thank you Google

  3. Hmmm…

    1. Nope you just to learn how to custom rom.

  4. So Cyanogenmod has had this feature for what, two, maybe three years now? Not very impressed, Google.

  5. Now if only you need to swipe once to access the quick settings that would be awesome

    1. Try pulling down the status bar with two fingers.

      1. That’s a option but it’s pretty much impossible to do that with one hand while using a phone

        1. Try a long press, one finger, then pull down.

          1. Doesn’t work for me but thanks to you I discovered that it workes if you quickly Tap the notification bar 3 times

  6. HTC Sense already lets you do this.

  7. Hmmm….go Samsung

  8. Thank God!!!

  9. This is really nice… I’m still on KitKat’s quick settings, which I’ve always hated. Like toggling data on/off requires you to bury into the regular settings: what’s the point? Glad they addressed that and allow for customization, too (although other launchers have been doing that for years, it’s good to see it baked into stock).

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