May 1st, 2017 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 7:11 pm

If the Samsung Galaxy S8 didn’t take off then Samsung still might not have been hurting too badly. A Strategy Analytics report suggests the company sold as many as 7.2 million Galaxy S7 units in the first quarter. That brings the to-date total to 55 million if you haven’t been keeping count.

Those numbers helped lead Samsung to their second best quarter ever where they were able to reach profits of $8.7 billion. Samsung sold 92.8 million phones in all, with a vast majority — 80 million — being smartphones. That was enough to snag 23% of the global market, keeping them in first place as the top smartphone manufacturer in the world.

The scary thing is that this is all after a massive quality assurance nightmare that had the potential to sink Samsung to new lows. Even scarier: the Galaxy S8 is said to be doing even better than the Galaxy S7 did in the early going of its availability. If you thought 2017 would be the year that other smartphone OEMs garner a fighting chance, we’d say it’s time to start reeling in your expectations a bit.

[via Yonhap]

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