The QWERTY Keyboard Moto Mod has reached its funding goal


Over the past few months, we’ve been following along with the progress of an upcoming Moto Mod which would add a QWERTY keyboard to your Moto Z device. The Mod, developed by Livermorium, was launched on Indiegogo while also being a finalist for Motorola and Lenovo’s ‘Transform the Smartphone’ competition.

However, there was some concern that the Keyboard Mod wouldn’t meet its funding goal of $100,000. Luckily, we’re happy to report that the goal was met with just a few moments to spare as the project raised over $104,000.

This means that the mod will DEFINITELY be coming to the market, and we can expect to see this beginning to ship around July 2017. We’ve seen a lot of positive feedback hoping to see this project funded, and we’re just one step closer to getting a full QWERTY keyboard attachment for our Moto Z devices.

In fact, despite the project already reaching its funding on Indiegogo, you can still back the project and snag one of these keyboards for yourself (for $60). Hit the button below to do so, and let us know whether you’ll be grabbing one for yourself.



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