Everything that’s happened since the Galaxy Note 7 went on sale


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has had an interesting ride since it was first announced back in August. It went from being crowned the king of smartphones for 2016 to a device that will cost its company at least $3.2 billion dollars in profit over the next two quarters. In fact, some analysts expect Samsung could lose $17 billion in total revenue from lost expected sales. It also leaves a vacuum in the mobile space as Samsung’s once stellar reputation has everyone’s mom asking, “Is my Samsung phone going to explode?”

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Timeline

galaxy-note-7 (5)

  • August 24: The first report of a Galaxy Note 7 fire happens in South Korea, but very few details are released.
  • August 31: Samsung delays shipments of the phone to South Korea.
  • September 1: The Galaxy Note 7 goes on sale in China.
  • September 2: Samsung issues first recall of the Galaxy Note 7, saying supply chain partner Samsung SDI’s batteries are to blame for the initial malfunctions reported in the media. The phone remains on sale in China because a different partner supplied the batteries in those phones.


  • September 19: Samsung announces replaced Galaxy Note 7 devices will ship with a green battery. A man in Florida launches the first lawsuit against the company for burns he received after his phone erupted into flames in his pocket. A report from Bloomberg suggests Samsung rushed the Galaxy Note 7 in order to beat Apple’s iPhone 7 launch.
  • September 23: Reports from South Korea suggest replaced devices are having the same issues as the old devices. Samsung says these are isolated incidents and not related to the recalled devices.


  • October 4: T-Mobile announces it will resume sales of the Galaxy Note 7 in the United States on October 5th.
  • October 5: A Galaxy Note 7 erupts into flames on a Southwest Airlines flight from Louisville to Baltimore. This phone is confirmed as a replacement Galaxy Note 7 through its IMEI number, sparking intense debate around the safety of new devices.
  • October 7: Amid growing concerns surrounding the safety of all Galaxy Note 7 devices, all four major US carriers tell customers they can return the device for any other smartphone.
  • October 13: The Consumer Product Safety Commission announces the second recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, making it illegal to sell the device anywhere in the United States.
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