An exploded Fitbit Flex 2 failed due to “external forces”


Last week, we saw news reports which claimed a woman’s Fitbit Flex 2 spontaneously exploded on her wrist. The malfunction caused a second-degree burn, but there was no information as to why the fitness tracker exploded.

The woman claimed that she was sitting in a chair reading a book when the incident happened, prompting Fitbit to conduct its own investigation. Fitbit has come back stating that the Flex 2 did not malfunction, but instead, the explosion was caused due to “external forces”.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t really give anyone an idea as to what actually happened, but the woman maintains that she did nothing to cause any malfunction. Considering the fact that this is the first Fitbit device to malfunction in this way, we’re not really sure which way to lean here.

Regardless, it will be interesting if this development spawns more and more cases popping up in the future.

[Gizmodo | TMJ4]


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