Is this our first loook at the Galaxy Note 8?


Look, we know it’s a little too early for a massive Galaxy Note 8 leak, but you’ll have to excuse us for a moment as we suspend our disbelief to wonder if this is, in fact, Samsung’s next pen-toting darling.

OK, moment over. It probably isn’t real. Someone could have taken an S-Pen and sat it next to a Galaxy S8 Plus for all we know. After all, we are expecting the Galaxy Note 8 to take on that same look, so a gullible person would be none the wiser.

But that S-Pen looks awfully fat to fit into the new slim design profile Samsung employs for these curved devices, and, well, there’s just no real evidence here that this is anything other than a Galaxy S8 with an old S-Pen sitting beside it. At the very least, this is a good reason to start dreaming and wishing about what’s to come later this year.

[via SlashLeaks]

Quentyn Kennemer
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