Motorola’s official Power Pack Mod for the Moto Z/Force/Play has been delayed until later this spring


Back during Mobile World Congress, Moto revealed a handful of new Moto Mods — some real products, some still in the conceptual stage — that they’d be launching later this year. Of those Mods, the Motorola Power Pack (Moto’s slimmer, slightly more advanced version of the Incipio offGRID Power Pack) was the only one given a March launch date.

With March now behind us, some of you may be wondering what happened with the official Motorola Power Pack Mod. After reaching out to Motorola PR about the Mod’s delayed release, they told me that the Mod “will be available later this spring in the U.S” but no further details outside of that.

As someone who was personally really looking forward to this Mod, I’m keeping my fingers cross that we wont have to wait too much longer, with the absolute latest date being June 20th (when spring officially ends and summer begins). I suppose that’s the new deadline.

Other Moto Mod/accessories include a charging adapter to charge Mods independently of the phone, wireless charging Mod, an Alexa enabled dock, and a Turbo Charger Mod that’s basically a quick charging battery pack.

There was also a GamePad Mod that transforms the Moto Z into a sort of portable gaming machine with analog sticks and physical buttons, but that was still being worked on and wont be available until sometime this summer at the earliest.

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