Here are some LG G6 caveats you need to know before buying one


The LG G6 has been fully outed and it looks and feels great, but there are some things that LG neglected to share about the device when they announced it.

For starters, it looks like LG is using 3 different versions of Gorilla Glass on the LG G6. It should be a consistent roster across all markets, but it’s said the front of the device sports Gorilla Glass 3, the rear of the device supports Gorilla Glass 4, and the camera module uses Gorilla Glass 5.

There’s no clear reason for the discrepancy or the reasoning why LG is using Gorilla Glass 3 on the display, which is perhaps the most important part of the phone to protect. That version of the glass is thicker and less durable than its predecessors. When asked about it, LG only mentioned that their design teams made the decision based on a number of different factors.

Even more strange, though, is that the LG G6 will supposedly have different features depending on which market you’re in. The word is that wireless charging is exclusive to the US, Quad DAC audio is exclusive to South Korea and select Asian countries, and the 64GB model will only be made available in South Korea, India, Asia, and CIS.

We get the storage bit. Even Samsung limits certain important regions to 32GB of storage for their flagship launches. But we don’t understand why only the US is treated to wireless charging, and why Europe and North America are being shafted on an exciting feature like Quad DAC audio, especially when the LG V20 had that in all its models.

We’ll be looking to get in touch with LG to see if we can’t get a more pointed answer than “design decisions,” but it’s important you know of these issues now in case they affect your purchase decision.

[via Android Authority]

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