Apr 10th, 2017 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 7:17 pm

Leading up to Samsung’s official report of what went wrong with the Galaxy Note 7 and its exploding battery issue, one engineering group suspected that the device’s battery was simply too big for the tight squeeze Samsung wanted in its internals. As such, the battery’s tendency to expand caused an excessive amount of pressure on the battery, something that could harm its protective internals and cause the chemical reaction that results in the big boom.

But as we now know, Samsung’s final report never blamed the engineered phone design, but the batteries themselves (which is odd because the same problem presented itself when Samsung switched battery makers).

Why is it, then, that the refurbished Galaxy Note 7s Samsung is confirmed to be distributing are turning up with smaller battery capacities? A device with a 3,200mAh pack was seemingly spotted fresh off the operation table, a fair bit smaller than the 3,500mAh battery inside the original.

This would seem to suggest Samsung did, in fact, find that the Galaxy Note 7 simply didn’t have the internal room to support their desired capacity. We can’t see any other reason why they’d decide to go with a smaller battery if they fixed the issue at the battery level as they alluded to in their original report.

At this point, though, we’re just as soon willing to ask who the hell even cares anymore? It’s unclear whether the majority of the world will ever get the chance to own a Galaxy Note 7 again. The Galaxy S8 is out and it looks awesome, and the Galaxy Note 8 should draw more interest than the Note 7 ever did.

[via SamMobile]

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