Samsung showcases a standalone VR headset with eye-tracking tech at MWC


Chalk a standalone VR headset with Exynos 8 as another product Samsung talked about but didn’t reveal at Mobile World Congress. Well… it’s not actually a product. Not yet, anyway.

It’s more like a developmental platform or prototype for HMD VR headsets, ie those which have their own displays and processing power embedded right into the kit.

The company had a unit on hand in partnership with Visualcamp to show off the latter’s new eye tracking technology. It was an example of how easy it was to implement the technology with existing architectures and the potential of its scalability and portability for platforms like Android and Windows.

Samsung showed the wares off to investors and industry insiders behind closed doors, but there’s no telling if we’ll ever see a commercialized form for consumers to get their hands on. All we know is Samsung is working on something, and they don’t usually work on something unless they have plans to sell it.

[via Business Korea]

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