GoPro has recalled all Karma drones


Well, bummer. The GoPro Karma was the first consumer drone on the market to offer up a new vision for compact, yet powerful drones, and now it’s being yanked from our eager little hands.

GoPro has recalled the drone due to an issue which they say could cause a loss of power during operation. Yes, that means the drone could simply fall right out of the sky at a moment’s notice. Not only is that not fun, it’s also not very safe.


So, they want all their drones back. You can return them to GoPro if you bought yours through them, while Best Buy customers need only go through that retailer’s typical return channels.

Here’s some other information worth knowing:

  • GoPro is not offering replacements. This is a full-on recall that’ll see the device taken completely off the market. As such, you can only get a refund.
  • For those who bought the GoPro Hero + Karma bundle, you must return all parts that came with your bundle, lest you are willing to take a partial refund.
  • You don’t need your original receipt to return the Karma as the recall is for all Karma drones.
  • If you bought GoPro Care, you’ll get a refund on that, too.
  • GoPro will make the Karma available at a later unspecified date after the issue has been resolved.

And just like what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, even if your GoPro Karma drone seems to be operating fine now, you never know when or if this issue might ever affect you. Better to get yours on the bus back to GoPro now before anything can happen.

If you can’t wait for GoPro to iron out the issues, though, you may want to start turning your attention to DJI’s Mavic drone if you’re looking for something similar.

[via GoPro]

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