You can watch Super Bowl 51 in VR


As a devastated Packers fan, I didn’t want to write any story that has anything to do with any superb owls. Or Super Bowls, as it’s improperly spelled by the NFL.

The 51st contest in that series is between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots set to be played out on February 5th to determine the champion of the NFL. You could be boring and watch along on TV or even on your phone or tablet, but why do that when you can check it out on VR?

Fox Sports is hooking you up with a virtual ticket to sit in a virtual viewing suite to watch, well, the real game. The virtual suite offers access to several viewpoints so you can catch the action in a way that TV won’t allow, and you’ll also get at least 20 of the biggest highlights in real time.

The only downside we can see (aside from the fact that you’re going to absolutely murder your phone’s battery life) is that you have to have a cable subscription that includes Fox Sports in order to view it. Otherwise, you’re free to watch the big game using more traditional methods. Grab the Android app here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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