Only 5% of Super Mario Run players have purchased the game


Nintendo’s financials were released today, which has shed a little bit more light on how well Super Mario Run has been performing on iOS since it released. The Android release is still a few months away in March, which means these numbers are for one platform only.

Super Mario Run has been downloaded more than 78 million times since it released in December. However, only about 4 million players have forked over the hefty $9.99 sum to buy the full game. That’s a conversion rate of about 5%, which is rather low for mobile games. That’s especially surprising considering iOS is often considered the “money-making” platform for mobile game developers, while Android enjoys a reputation as a haven for pirates.

The game has generated $40 million in revenue so far for Nintendo with its iOS-only release. It will be interesting to see how well Android numbers stack up against iOS numbers once the game is available in March. You can pre-register to be informed the minute the game goes up in the Google Play Store.

Super Mario Run on Google Play
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