Polar’s new wearable is a shirt that can track your heart rate


The wearable craze certainly hasn’t ended yet, as companies are coming up with new ways to incorporate trackers and sensors that can determine everything about your body from just a reading. While a chest heart-rate strap is currently the most accurate way to get your heartbeat while exercising, Polar hopes to change that with their new wearable shirt.

Called the Team Pro Shirt, it’s a sleeveless base layer shirt that’s designed to be worn under whatever you usually wear when you exercise. Inside the shirt are two fabric sensors that monitor your heart rate when they come into contact with your skin, removing the need for a chest strap. Additionally, a small pouch near the collar can hold a pod that will track your motion, so you have stats like your speed, distance traveled, and acceleration.

The Team Pro shirt is intended to integrate with Polar’s Team Pro coaching platform, which is used by several sports teams including the Atlanta Falcons. The shirt is set to debut sometime in March, but Polar aren’t talking price just yet.

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