Jan 3rd, 2017 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 1:58 pm

Samsung has been teasing foldable smartphones for a while now, but rumors out of China suggest that the Galaxy X will be the first phone to feature a foldable display. Samsung has been working on prototypes of foldable phones for years now, but no concrete information about the arrival of such a phone has been released.

Rumors from China suggest that the Galaxy X will launch in the later half of 2017, either Q3 or Q4. They also suggest that this phone will feature a 4K display. Other rumors suggest the phone will feature several biometric readers with the ability to interact with fingers, face, and palm. We wouldn’t be surprised to see an iris scanner added to the list, similarly to what was found in the Galaxy Note 7.

With all the rumors suggesting a foldable display phone coming soon, it seems as though we’re getting closer to a launch date for Samsung’s newest venture. Are you ready for a world in which the “smart” flip phone makes a roaring comeback, or is it still too early for foldable screen tech to be viable?

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