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This week we’ll be covering the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where thousands of companies come together to showcase new consumer tech for the upcoming year. There’s always a ton of news about new products and updates to existing products at CES, which can make it hard to follow.

That’s where Earlybird comes in. Earlybird is an Android news app that makes following your favorite tech topics a breeze. The app curates news from a variety of sources across the web to make sure you’re getting full CES coverage, but it also includes tags so you can follow your favorite topics without missing a beat.

Whether you want to stay on top of a rumored device like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, follow developments of a new wearable concept, or track breaking news as it happens, EarlyBird is now the best place to go for all your tech-related news.

To see all CES-related coverage, be sure to follow the CES 2017 topic.

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Disclosure: EarlyBird is published by Neverstill Media and Phandroid writers curate the news from hundreds of sources across the web, including our own content.
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