DEAL: If you hurry, you can grab an unlocked Moto Z for only $500


The Lenovo Moto Z is easily one of the year’s best smartphones. With a sleek design, top notch specs, and Lenovo’s ever expanding lineup of modular accessories — dubbed Moto Mods — it’s the most interesting smartphone we’ve seen in years. The only thing really holding it back was it’s price tag. Like most other premium, high-end smartphones, it launched at a whopping $700. It wasn’t unjustified considering what was being offered, it was just a little too rich for most people’s blood. But that changes today.

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If you hop on over to Amazon, you’ll find the unlocked Moto Z currently being offered for a much more reasonable $500 — a full $200 cheaper than you’ll get it directly from Motorola. 2 things to keep in mind: this is the unlocked GSM model, which means it will only work with AT&T and T-Mobile. Also, it’s the paper thin model, so you may want to take those savings and invest in a Moto Mod or two (like the Incipio OffGrid power pack, or the TUMI model). I must admit, I’m doing everything I can to talk myself out of smashing that 1-click buy it now button.

With this new pricing, the Moto Z is now only $60 more than the OnePlus 3T, another one of my favorite “affordable” Android devices to launch this year. As we near the end of the year, a new crop of Android devices is gearing up to launch in just a few months time. Either way, if you’re looking to jump on this great deal, head on over to Amazon right now. Link provided below.

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