10 Hottest Android Stories This Week (December 16th)


The amount of Android news each week can be overwhelming, but you can follow the best of the best with an app called EarlyBird – News for Android. It includes ALL of the Android news you crave and lets users decide what matters most to them.

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Here’s what you picked as your favorite news stories for the week:

#10 – Galaxy S8 Curved Display

45 likes – A new rumor has suggested that Samsung will not be offering a flat display version of the upcoming Galaxy S8. Instead, the company will be offering two different size variations, with the screens curved.

#9 – Samsung Secure Folders

46 likes – A new leak shows that Samsung will be releasing an update to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge which adds the Secure Folder application. The app initially debuted on the now defunct Galaxy Note 7.

#8 – Play Music Autoplay

47 likes – Google has updated the Play Music application and the APK Teardown shows lines of code which suggest a future update may include auto-play functionality.

#7 – Google Contacts Update

47 likes – Google updated its Contacts application to version 1.6 and includes a new icon, pull-to-refresh, and a new contact suggestions screen.

#6 – Google Archived Photos

48 likes – Since Picasa is now gone, some users have been wondering how they would be able to access archived photos attached to their account. Google has released a tool that allows you to find your various photos attached to different Google services.

#5 – 2016 Best Smartphones

49 likes – Android Police has released their list of the best smartphones of 2016. Leading the way are the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, but the OnePlus 3 and Pixel are also included.

#4 – Nova Launcher Tips

51 likes – Dane from Android Authority has compiled a list of the best tips and tricks for Nova Launcher. This guide shows you the ins and outs of the application, while providing you all the information needed to making the most out of the popular launcher.

#3 – Google PhotoScan Update

52 likes – When Google released the new PhotoScan application, there was some backlash due to photos only being uploaded at 2MP. A new update has been released which increases the resolution to 5MP.

#2 – Gboard Released

57 likes – An APK file had been leaked which contained the new Gboard application. After being initially released for iOS-only, Google has replaced the Google Keyboard application with Gboard for Android.

#1 – YouTube Update

58 likes – A new update for YouTube gives some users the ability to fast forward or rewind videos by 10 seconds by double tapping the display while the video is playing.

What’s YOUR top news item for the week?

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