Motorola shows off the winners of its first Hackathon


When Motorola and Lenovo unveiled the Moto Z lineup of devices, the main selling point was the inclusion of various modules that can be snapped onto the devices. These Moto Mods will increase functionality, through either providing longer battery life, a better speaker, or a better camera.

Additionally, Motorola also announced plans to release developer kits to various companies and individuals who wanted to create new Mods for the devices. This was put to the test in the first of Motorola’s planned “Hackathons”. The first Hackathon was held in NYC and featured participants from 5 different countries with the winners receiving a $5,000 cash, a Moto Z, and a Moto Mods Development Kit.


Now that the first Hackathon has concluded, Motorola has shared with everyone the winners of the Hackathon. The first was named “Advanced Audio” which includes a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and an analog-to-digital (ADC) converter. This Mod will give users a better audio-quality experience while providing “HiDef” audio parts, including a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The next winner was called “Sidepad” and is what you think it may be – a game controller. The Sidepad provides gaming controls for the Moto Z, allowing for a better gaming experience as it adds buttons to the device, versus having to use the on-screen touch controls for your favorite games.

Finally, “Bella” took the last spot. The Bella Moto Mod allows your Moto Z to collect data from your skin and environment through various sensors that are built in. These sensors measure UV levels, air quality, and skin elasticity levels.

Motorola is planning to hold its next Hackathon in San Francisco on January 21-22. The winner will also receive the same prizes as the winner of the NYC Hackathon. However, the grand prize winner will be invited to Chicago to present their Moto Mod concepts in hope of making the concept a reality.

[Motorola Blog]


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