You can expect a wide range of Nokia smartphones to be available next year


Nokia’s forthcoming revitalization won’t be a one-and-done affair. Speaking with ET India, the company responsible for bringing back Nokia-branded phones — HMD — talked about things like global presence, expected price points, and more.

While the company was predictably vague on their exact plans, they did have some info to share regarding availability and the scale of their launch.


According to them, Nokia phones will be launched on a global scale from day one thanks to HMD’s preexistent presence in world markets (largely due in part to their operations in Finland, the property that they acquired from Microsoft Mobile, and their various partnerships with top fabrication companies like Foxconn). They also claim to be eyeing a mixed approach to commerce with them wanting Nokia’s name back on both physical and digital store shelves.

Beyond that, we can apparently expect a “wide” range of devices covering a number of different price points. While no details were given, it was implied that we would be seeing both affordable and premium options, with some other possibilities in between.

So, if you were hoping that Nokia’s return wouldn’t be marred by issues that would affect, say, a fledgling startup, put those worries to rest. It’s all talk for now, of course, so we’ll be looking forward to hearing and seeing more in 2017.

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