Motorola DROID Turbo snags Android Marshmallow in latest update


Verizon’s Motorola DROID Turbo — the original, not this year’s model — is alive and well. A fresh update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow ensures it’ll remain that way for a while longer.

Verizon is pushing out the goods in a package that’s tagged with the build number MCG24.251-5. You should expect the usual suite of Marshmallow features to come along for the ride, and if you’ve forgotten what those are be sure to Great deal here if you missed out on Black Friday!.

Of course, it’s not Nougat and that’s what most of us are worried about getting these days, but Marshmallow is still pretty fresh, and we’re sure those who have been stuck on Lollipop all this time will be quick to agree. Head to the settings menu on your phone to check for it if it doesn’t push its way onto it automatically.

[via The Android Soul]

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