This may be our first real look at Nokia’s metal phone


Nokia’s trek into the Android space has been rather limited thus far. They have a very solid and beautiful tablet under their belts, and the company has already confirmed that as many as 3 smartphones are on the way thanks to a partnership with HMD.


Today, we may have gotten our first real look at one of those phones. A metal chassis with Nokia branding has leaked. The images don’t tell us much on their own, but the 2 holes on the rear side are likely to be for your typical camera and flash setup, though the second hole for a camera flash does seem larger than necessary. Could we be getting dual rear cameras with 1 module spotting a ring flash? Is the second hole for a fingerprint sensor? It’s anyone’s guess.


One other thing of note: Nokia borrows straight from Apple in the phone’s antenna designs. The silicon strip that allows for proper attenuation through metal laces the top and bottom edge of the phone instead of a line that cuts through the back like we’ve seen on HTC’s devices to date. Apple is probably not the company you want to be lifting idea designs from, but many people did seem to like this streamlined look over previous takes on the concept so perhaps Nokia is keen on trying it regardless.

As for specs, previous rumors said to expect 2 flagships — one with a 5.5-inch display and another clocking in at a more comfortable 5.2-inches. The displays should be sharp with Quad HD resolution, and a Snapdragon 820 chipset would likely be the brains behind the show. Nokia is also said to be planning an entry-level option with a lesser Snapdragon 400-series chipset, too. Nokia’s supposed plan is to get the first of these phones out in the first quarter of 2017, so the wait to hear more shouldn’t be long.

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