OnePlus 3T vs Pixel XL Charge Test: who can get to the finish line first?


With the OnePlus 3T, OnePlus thought it was a good time to remind people just how good their Dash Charge technology is. That’s why they took one of the current kings of battery life — the Pixel XL — and put their own OnePlus 3T head-to-head against it.


Here’s some important background information to note before we jump into the results:

  • The OnePlus 3T sports a 3,400mAh battery, while the Pixel XL is just above that at 3,450mAh
  • They both charge over USB-C.
  • DashCharge is a renamed version of Oppo’s VOOC charging technology, which allows faster charging throughout the early stages of the charging cycle (even if you’re playing video games) due to it using higher amperage vs higher voltage.

So, you probably already know who wins the head-to-head if OnePlus is posting it right? Yup, the OnePlus 3T. It was able to reach 56% battery life after 30 minutes of charging vs 49% on the Pixel XL. After 1.5 hours, it was fully charged, while the Pixel XL was just reaching the 92% mark. The Pixel XL eventually finished after 2 hours.

The bottom line is that the Pixel XL and OnePlus 3T were comparable all the way through to the 50% mark, but the Pixel XL slowed drastically once it reached a certain point.

This is because using higher voltages to create a quick charging environment heats the battery up quite a bit, and the smart charging technology inside the phone slows it down after a while to prevent damage. OnePlus Dash Charge does the same, but since its technique of using higher amperages doesn’t put as much strain on the battery as fast, it can charge at higher speeds for longer.

At the end of the day, both phones have pretty big batteries and they charge plenty fast for your average user. The OnePlus 3T can get you to your full capacity faster, but whether it lasts as long on a single charge as the reigning champion of battery life remains to be seen. The OnePlus 3T will be available November 22nd.

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