The Huawei Fit is here, and it has some tough competition to deal with


Huawei is no stranger to the wearable fitness game. Their TalkBand lineup has served as fostering grounds for their latest effort known as the Huawei Fit. We reviewed the fitness tracker this past week and found a lot to like.

For starters, it’s cheap. At $130, it isn’t the most affordable option available, but most other options under its mark are quite barebones in their tracking. The Huawei Fit, meanwhile, meets at least the minimum that you’d expect from a 2016 offering.



And when we say minimal, we mean it — it has a heart rate sensor, pedometer, and a gyroscope/accelerometer for workout tracking, and that’s about it. It has no buttons, and its circular e-ink touch-enabled display doesn’t attempt to do anything spectacular other than deliver your basic notifications and workout information.

That’s not to say that, for some people, that’s a bad thing, though. Its simplicity allows you to slap it onto your wrist and let the workout — not the watch — take over. It has a very roomy battery that stretches nearly a week. It’s a comfortable fit and also has the potential to adopt some style thanks to standard interchangeable wrist straps.


Even with all that, though, it still has to compete with options from a variety of brands. Fitbit is the obvious juggernaut here, but we’re talking fitness trackers from Samsung, Garmin, HTC, and a whole assortment of other major players.

Is the price proposition from Huawei’s front enough for us to award it top honors on our newly-erected list of the best fitness trackers? The answer to that question can be had by hitting up the link below.

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