Huawei Fit vs Fitbit Charge 2 vs Garmin Vivosmart HR vs Samsung Gear Fit 2



Huawei just officially announced the Huawei Fit, a fitness tracker with a black and white display. The Fit looks a lot like the Pebble Round smartwatch, but this is solely a fitness device. Coming in at just $129, the Fit is a very appealing option. We put the Fit up against a few other fitness trackers in this price range, including the Samsung Gear Fit 2. Let’s see how the Fit compares.



The Fit is the only tracker on the list with a round display. That makes it look a lot less sporty, which means you might actually wear it more often. The Gear Fit 2 has the biggest display of the bunch, but it’s also the bulkiest. A big display is nice for a smartwatch, but it’s not nearly as important on a fitness tracker. The display on the Fit is backlit memory LCD, which helps achieve long battery life.

Winner: Huawei Fit

Battery Life


All four of these devices get great battery life, which is very important for a fitness tracker. You don’t want to be charging the device every night. The Fitbit Charge 2 and Garmin Vivosmart HR can last up to 5 days. Huawei claims the Fit can last up to 6 days with normal usage and 30 days in standby. The Gear Fit 2, with its full-color OLED display, falls short of the rest.

Winner: Huawei Fit



These devices are for tracking fitness, so let’s take a look at the fitness features. For the price, all four of these devices have a lot of fitness features to offer. They all have heart rate monitors and some sort of water resistance. The Fit keeps track of steps, sleep, calories burned, cardio zone, and distance traveled. All features that are par for the course. The Fit also offers workout modes for a variety of activities.

Winner: Tie



As we mentioned above, all four of these devices can be found for similar prices. The Fit is the cheapest at $129 while the Gear Fit 2 is the most expensive at $180. That’s only a $50 difference. What it comes down to is design and fitness features. The Huawei Fit is clearly the best looking of the bunch, but it also feels a bit cheap. The Gear Fit 2 might not be the most attractive, but Samsung generally has great build quality. Fitbit has the name recognition in the fitness market, which can play a big part as well.

Winner: Huawei Fit

Which fitness tracker do you think is the best? Are you interested in checking out Huawei’s new device? Do you use a fitness tracker or a smartwatch?

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