Best Google Pixel and Pixel XL Accessories


The embargoes have lifted and all sorts of different information about the new Pixel and Pixel XL is pouring in. However, one question remains, which accessories should you get for your new toy once it arrives? Here is a list of some of the best options which include charging docks, cables, screen protectors, and more.



If you want to go the official route, Google has their own line of “Live Cases” for the Pixel. There are a wide variety of designs to choose from, some of which can be customized by you. Use your own photos of stylized maps. The cases also have a built-in shortcut button.

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Best Cables & Chargers

Everyone knows that the biggest accessory for a new device is making sure you have enough cables to keep your device charged as much as possible. It’s terrible when you have a charging port open, but don’t have the right cable with you since the Pixel and Pixel XL use USB Type-C, so here are a few options for you.



Finding compatible USB Type-C cables can be a pain. You don’t want to purchase the wrong one and end up with a fracked device that won’t charge. Thankfully, since USB Type-C has been used in more devices since the introduction of the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, there are quite a few options on the market. Here are some of the best ones that we could scrounge up for everyone.

  1. Google’s USB Type-C Cable – $25
  2. iOrange-E USB Type-C to Type-C Cable – $13.99
  3. BlackSquid USB Type-C Cable – $12.95
  4. Anker PowerLine USB Type-C to Type-C Cable – $12.99
  5. Tronsmart USB Type-C Cable – $6.99



It’s cool that Google bundles a charger with the Pixel and Pixel XL, but that means that you only have one charger and that’s just not enough. There are a few other options on the market that will allow you to use as a “travel charger” or maybe you want to have a desktop charger that won’t fry your sexy new smartphone. Lastly, we know that you’ll be needing a car charger

  1. Google’s USB Type-C Charger 18W – $35
  2. SONEic USB Type-C Charger 15W – $17.99
  3. Belkin USB Type-C Car Charger 15W – $34.99
  4. iVoler 75W USB Type-C Desktop Charger – $36.99
  5. Anker PowerPort+ USB Type-C Desktop Charger – $39.99



Since the Pixel may be your first USB Type-C device, you may be wondering what you’re supposed to do with all of the microUSB cables that you have accrued over the years. Well, luckily there are a few “Benson-approved” adapters that you can use while charging or transferring your information to and from your fancy new devices.

  1. Google’s USB Type-C to USB Standard-A Adapter – $12.99
  2. Anker USB Type-C to Micro USB Adapter (2-pack) – $7.99
  3. iOrange-E USB Type-C to Micro USB Adapter – $9.49
  4. Otium USB Type-C to Micro USB Adapter – $6.99
  5. JOTO USB Type-C to Micro USB Adapter – $7.99



Speaking of transferring information to and from your Pixel and Pixel XL, you may want to be able to have a spot on your desk for your new toy and there are a couple options for you.

  1. Encased Desktop Charging Dock – $24.89
  2. NXET USB Type-C Charging Dock – $22.99

Screen Protectors


It’s still early before everyone else will be able to get the Pixel or Pixel XL, but there are still a few options on the market to make sure your screen is protected from scratches or drops. Keep in mind that the Pixel and Pixel XL both feature rounded displays, so the screen protector won’t go “edge-to-edge” but here are some great options to keep you protected.

  1. Verizon Tempered Glass Screen Protector – $24.99
  2. SuperShieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector – $7.99
  3. PLESON Tempered Glass Screen Protector – $7.85




Dbrand is the leader in terms of robots taking over the company’s Twitter account, as well as providing some of the best skins on the market. The company has already started accepting orders for Pixel and Pixel XL skins which will also include the “G” logo which Google opted for this year. However, if you want some nostalgia, dbrand is also offering the option for the iconic “X” cutout that was present on previous Nexus devices (*sobs*). Skins start at just $9.99 and you can go for full coverage, just get the back covered, and can even get a colored logo cutout.

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SlickWraps is working its way to being just as well known as Dbrand, especially if you look at the Twitter battles that have taken place over the last year or so. These skins are a bit more pricy than those of its main competitor with skins starting around $15, but there are MANY more options. SlickWraps is including its numerous different series of skins with the Pixel and even are offering an option to have the “G” logo colored which is pretty nifty.

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Car Mounts


Keeping your eyes on the road and off your smartphone is of upmost importance, but sometimes we need to be able to see the next move in Google Maps. That’s where car mounts come in handy, and there are more than enough options on the market for you to pick from. But here’s our list of top options for you to choose from for your new Pixel or Pixel XL.

  1. iOttie Easy One Touch Mini Car Mount – $19.95
  2. Belkin Car Vent Mount – $14.53
  3. Kenu AirFrame – $18.95
  4. Newward Long Arm Car Mount – $15.99
  5. Spigen Magnetic Vent Mount – $7.99

Beyond the Norm


Sometimes there are some extra accessories that will perfectly with a new device, and since the Pixel and Pixel XL weren’t the only new items introduced by Google, here are some other options to get the whole ensemble.

Daydream View


The Pixel and Pixel XL are the first Daydream-ready smarthphones to be released and along with it, there is a new Virtual Reality headset that was introduced. The Daydream View is only $79 and offers a much more immersive VR experience than the old Google Cardboard. Plus, it includes a new touchpad remote which allows you to control various aspects of what you are viewing without worrying about fumbling with the headset itself.

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Streaming content directly from your smartphone and onto your TV is something that has really picked up steam over the last few years. With Google offering “Cast” support across all Android devices, there’s no better way to do it, and with the new Chromecast Ultra, things get even better. The ability to stream 4K Ultra HD content is amazing and you can set your Chromecast up to showcase your favorite photos as a “screen saver” for your TV. However, if $69 is too much for your taste, Google is still offering the regular Chromecast for just $35 and if you just want some better audio controls instead of using Bluetooth, the Chromecast Audio is available for $35.

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Google Home


Google is planning for Home to be the new “thing”, as it looks to overtake Amazon’s Echo lineup of devices. Google Home hopes to be the best option for keeping your home “connected” and being as useful as possible with the help of Google Assistant. What better time to outfit your home to be smart than to get the Google Home along with your Google Pixel? The Home is priced at just $129, which is $50 cheaper than the Amazon Echo and includes the best assistant on the market.

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Will you be getting one?


If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on snagging the Pixel or Pixel XL, the day has come for you to make your decision. Will you be getting one, or will hold out a little bit longer? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you’re planning to do, and if you need some help in your decision-making prowess, be sure to check out Phandroid’s coverage of the Pixel and Pixel XL with the links below.

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