Smoking Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught on video


Up until now we’ve only seen the results of the Galaxy Note 7 bursting into flames. Shattered and burned screens and collateral damage have been plastered all over the internet, but we have to take the owner’s word when they say what was happening when the phone burst into flames. That’s not the case anymore.

The Associated Press has published what looks like a home security video of a couple in Hawaii. A man is laying on a couch reading when a woman appears holding a smoking device. There’s no audio and the couple seems to nonchalantly discuss what to do with the device now that it’s smoking.

If this happens to you, the answer is to take it outside. It can burst into flames and burn you or your home and that’s the last thing you want. These devices are hazardous, folks. If you have one, you need to return it immediately.

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    What makes the Galaxy Note 7 hazardous?

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