New Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes in China


Samsung is halfway through its recall of more than 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 devices, but it looks as though the company may not be out of hot water just yet. A 25 year-old man in China reports that his newly purchased Galaxy Note 7 burst into flames while charging. Hui Renjie then shared some of the pictures of the aftermath to prove it was one of Samsung’s “safe” devices.

Earlier this month, Samsung issued a safety notice to let consumers know how to identify Galaxy Note 7 phones that have been considered safe to use. Those devices will have a green battery indicator and a little black box that shows up on the box the phone ships in. Samsung even showed off the label on the box.


Look familiar?


The black box is in a different position on the label, but that’s most likely a regional difference as the guide image from Samsung is for a US label, while the label in the picture above is a Chinese label.

According to Renjie, he ordered his device on Sunday from an online retailer and it was delivered the same day. He charged the phone overnight but noticed the next morning that the phone was emitting black smoke while still connected to the charger. Then the device burst into flames.

Samsung has stated that it is “contacting the customer and will conduct a thorough examination of the device in question once we receive it.” China was not a part of the original Galaxy Note 7 recall because the batteries sourced for that region came from a different supplier.

Still, the recall of devices may not be going as well as could he hoped, as there are some reports out of South Korea that replacement devices there have had issues as well. Samsung said these reports were “isolated incidents.”

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    Sales of the Galaxy Note 7 in Europe will resume on October 28th

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