The Galaxy Note 7 may have caused another vehicle to catch on fire in Florida


Another day, another incident involving the Galaxy Note 7. The device was recalled a couple of weeks ago after reports started rushing in, regarding a faulty battery which resulted in devices catching fire and exploding. The FAA has issued an official statement which warns against the use of the Galaxy Note 7 on flights, and there have been multiple cases of the device ruining thousands of dollars worth of property.

The latest incident comes from Florida, where a man alleges that his Galaxy Note 7 was the reason why his car caught fire. According to the report, the man was simply charging his device while driving when the Galaxy Note 7 “burst into flames.”

The news report claims that it was the “Samsung 7”, so it may be a case of mistaken identity, but regardless, Samsung has reached out to the driver and is working on a full investigation into the issues. Previously, we have only seen pictures of the aftermath, but a passenger in the car pulled out their phone and caught the burning car on camera.

We hope you are heeding the warnings and exchanging the devices instead of playing chicken with a device that could go up at any moment. There is an update rolling out for the Galaxy Note 7 that will limit the charging capabilities to just 60%, but it’s unknown if that update will be released anywhere other than Korea.

Don’t take the risk, just head to your local carrier and swap the device out. If you want to participate in the exchange program from Samsung, there are reports that the new devices will be in stock as early as September 23rd for Verizon customers.



Verizon could have the new Galaxy Note 7 in stock on September 23rd

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